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Destiny: Anxiety-Free Fun for Everyone!



Destiny is Halo meets Phantasy Star Online and there is no way that can possibly be a bad thing. After feeling initially indifferent about Bungie’s next-generation shooter, I found myself completely sucked in by both the Alpha and recently closed Beta tests of the upcoming title. However, I’ve found that it’s a difficult game to explain to those who either haven’t played it themselves, or don’t quite understand the hype surrounding it.

I feel the problem is that Destiny is a game of intangibles. Its execution is effortless in a way that most other developers can only dream of achieving, to the point where you begin to question what sort of moon wizardry its pulling over your eyes to convince you of its elegance. It’s ultimately a game that simply wants you to play and experience it and it does just about everything it can to get out of your way and that’s really incredible when you start to break it down.

That said, here are some of my core thoughts surrounding Destiny and why I’m so convinced it’s going to take over my life come September.

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Wholeheartedly with all of Jared’s points here, so glad I pre-ordered for September! May even pick up my first ever season pass to something.